Anonymous asked: Do you think Sterek stands a real chance this season? I guess I'm just disheartened because of draeden and stalia. I see the patterns and signs but just can't find the faith so many of you meta babes have. Sorry for this, I know it gets asked a lot.

I do believe in sterek. And i do believe we will get a “sterek moment” that very clearly hints at a future for the pair. It will probably be in the final episode after the fake Derek “dies” and they find the real one in Mexico.

I can honestly say that i’ve never been worried about draeden or stalia. Nothing about those pairings strike me as endgame. They are necessary steps on the way, and i actually enjoy both characters. But i also understand how you can be disheartened by the lack of direct sterek interaction.

If you’re in doubt that sterek is a possibility i always point people towards cupidsbower and the anchor meta series and this little gem. Read it and i’ll assure you you’ll feel better.

But also remember - and this is important! Teen Wolf is not a show about romance! All romantic couples take a backstep to the plot. This is a plot driven show written like a fantasy book series which means that we have to abandon all predisposed notions of storylines wrapping up by each season finale and couples getting together, happy date scenes and picnics. That won’t happen. So we have to take what we can get - and what we have so far is the slow burn development of stiles and derek’s relationship from bantering “enemies” to trusted allies.

The narrative has kept them appart for a couple of sesons. But the few scenes we have are so significant, like the anchor scene from 3b. That will be revisited, i’m sure of it. And with a lenghty time apart the reunion will be even sweeter - because there’s a big chance the Derek we’ve seen all season isn’t even the real Derek.

So i have hope. I have faith. And I believe. And i’m not alone - we’re more than 20 meta writers on chat with different backgrounds, education, and skillsets and i can assure you we’re not always in agreement - except for one topic: We all agree sterek is coming :)

sourwolf--whittemore asked: Hi I'm the one that sent you the Why do you care, because you're Derek ask. (I meant to send it normally but my laptop is stupid and made it Anon and wouldn't do anything else so I was like screw it lol) I'm so glad you liked it!! that would make me the happiest shipper if it actually happened. I just wanted to say that I love your Metas, and you and the meta group has gave me so much hope with Sterek and the show in general that I'm actually happy to watch the show again so thank you!!

Hey, and thank you! Both for sending that and for your kind words. So glad we can help people enjoy the show more. I can’t guarantee you that all my meta ramblings will come true - but a lot of the time we are surprisingly right :) I’m hoping this is one of those times.

Tonight i came across a post that really upset me and my fellow meta writers. I don’t want to reblog it and i don’t even want to link to it, because that would only give it more power, and i’m not interested in that. I hope it’s okay by you sourwolf—whittemore who’s been kind enough to send me this wonderful message, that i use some space here to address this, even though it has nothing to do with you. But your message inspired and delighted me, and i feel it’s important to get this out there no matter what you ship.

I think a lot of people came into the Teen Wolf fandom with the assumption it would be just like any other show - some action, a lot of romance, hot cast, a dash of mystery. As the seasons progressed it has become clearer and clearer that TW is not following the standard recipe for tv shows, and as a result the gap between what you actually get and what you expected increases. And i have to say that PR doesn’t help, which is why you should avoid it as much as possible. 

Anyway - when you encounter such a gap between your expectations and the show, then you have to make a choice - you either adapt or you abandon it. Crying about it won’t change the show, it only sours the fandom. Altering your way of approaching it might just open your eyes to a much richer show than you’d imagined. And if it turns out it still isn’t your cup of tea - fair enough. At least you tried.

Teen Wolf is filled with many subtle hints and clues. You just have to know to look for them - i swear the show became so much more for me when i just started paying more attention. Because for it to make sense it demands a lot of you. And personally i love that - i love that we get a tv series that challenges the viewer to think , to question and not just assume everything you hear is the whole truth. There are more than enough shows out there who treats the viewer like it’s dumb and has signposts and explains everything in minute details. Those shows get old fast.

Once you break the code of show vs tell in Teen Wolf so much becomes clearer. The characters often assume things, we have many unreliable narrators and therefore need to pay close attention to what we’re shown as well. It’s often contradictory and then the question arrises - who do we believe?

Teen Wolf has a lot of what i’d like to call plot threads - which basically is just a piece of the story that we’ve yet to learn the end of, the story thread is still hanging there untied.Often when we come across one of these the fandom cries out about plotholes and how Jeff Davis is not a gift and a terrible writer. I will not claim that Jeff is the best writer ever, but he’s certainly one of the better and has created a show with depth, overarcing themes, a storyline that serves as a metaphor for othering, shows us different types of concent and often invert tropes to make it fresh and seen in a new light to name some examples. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it bad. It just makes it something you don’t enjoy. There is a difference.

I know the show can be confusing, i get that, i really do. And what doesn’t help the situation is when popular blogs with lots of followers post what i’d call hate posts about the show. Especially when said blogs no longer watches the show and hasn’t seen the latest season and are probably basing their opinions on gifsets, promos and wanky hearsay. Such blogs have a lot of power and i think many of their followers can feel it’s difficult to voice their own opinions. It’s hard to feel that you’re preaching in a tornado of hate, and it’s difficult to feel like you’re going against the fandom at large. But know that there are more than you know who might feel exactly like you. The haters shout the loudest. Don’t adopt the standard fandom opinions just because they’re popular and you might look up to the bloggers promoting them. Form your own opinions and stand by them. I can’t tell you what to feel, but i can tell you to stand up for your beliefs and not let anyone’s wankfest decide what you can, should and want to enjoy.

And with that i hope you all enjoy the episode!

Colour Theory Explained - a teen wolf meta



Teen Wolf Colour theory is a nightmare, seriously, and I’ve spent the last year trying to crack it and I finally have a working model which is probably right.

Now in teen wolf terms there are 5! primary colours, or base colours

from those base colours we get the secondary colours (the second set of triangles on the above diagram) which is what happens when you combine two of the primary colours. After that is tertiary colours which are variations of the primary colours.

Now with teen wolf as I said there are 5! base colours, not three

then there are set of base patterns

the five colours are 

Red, Blue, Gold, Black, White/Grey

and the base patterns are stripes, florals, plaid and circles

to start with the primary colours represent, as far as I can tell, the elemental themes present in the series, or godai - the japanese element wheel.

These are, in season order, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Void.

In colour terms these are 

Fire = Red, 

Water = Blue

Earth = Gold

Air = White/Grey

Void = black

now the elemental themes to make things slightly more complicated are inverted and represent certain themes these are:

Fire = Red = Empowerment

Water = Blue = Damnation

Earth = Gold = revelation

Air = White/Grey = secrets

Void = Black = haven’t had the series don’t know yet

what that means is when the characters wear certain colours you can tell, to an extent what it means

for example Stiles favours red and blue, empowerment and damnation, that makes sense as the further down the rabbit hole he goes the stronger he becomes and the more at risk.

In contrast Scott wore red when he was bitten - immediate empowerment in becoming a werewolf, but grey for most of season 1, which carries through as everyone around him was keeping secrets as he was himself.

so when we reach the secondary and tertiary colours it’s not a set of new meanings but instead a combination of the base colours and their meanings

so when Derek wears purple and black, it becomes red+blue and black, so black means whatever it means (I can’t prophesy unfortunately) but red+blue = empowerment and damnation = he kills Boyd.

then we get into the patterns

a lot of people have pointed out stripes = possession and I’m not going to argue

but Lydia this season is wearing a lot of flowers and pink, so florals which are earth based as far as I can tell are the revelation of secrets with red, but also the fact that those secrets might not be what is revealed with the addition of white  = ie she’s empowered by revealing the secrets but they’re not the whole story. If she wears blue with the florals then the secrets coming out are dangerous

there are lots of meta on circles on clothes whether that is ringer shirts or Stiles’ target and I’m not going to touch it, but it is that simple, it’s a target

and I have no idea what plaid means yet, but I’m getting there, this is a better explanation of what I posted before, and hopefully it makes more sense

but the tl:dr

the colours represent the elements and combined colours do not have individual meaning but instead are the combined elements

and this works so well, it should be right, mind you it might be a hallucination my mind has come up with to finally solve colour theory

Anonymous asked: Hi, I love your theory about Stiles being something and I am all for it but has it occurred to you that Stiles doesn't like to say that he's human because it makes him feel weak?

That right there is a perfectly good explanation for why he avoids using the word human. Good observation.

And i do believe that Stiles thinks of himself as human and is very aware of his shortcomings compared to the rest of the pack, including Allison when she was alive. Which is why he’s focusing on using his detective skills and is embracing that. Even if he’s now slowly realizing he might be more, i don’t think that feeling will go away anytime soon. He’s hardly in control and i doubt he has any idea about the extent of it all.

Dylan O’Brien at The Maze Runner Conference
Anonymous asked: Hi dear! I have a doubt. Do you think that Malia "writing" Stiles as Stilles could mean something? or is a prop mistake?The only thing I could find says it is an adjective and the inflected form of the verb still. It means silent, quiet, calm, peaceful, secret or dead; it depends. The show hasn't touched anything german related, so it could be nothing. But it's the first time we see Stiles "name" written somewhere and it has an extra L? I don't think it's too hard to write stiles properly. (1/2)

I hate the bad orthography, ironic because I make a lot of mistakes in english, and everytime I see that, it annoys me a lot. Ah I forgot, I’m talking about the scene in 4x01 when they are in history class. (2/2)


Hi :)

I guess you’re talking about this little doodle from 4x02


I know, it’s not so easy to see here, so i’ll flip it and reverse it and just fiddle a little bit with it…


I must admit i hadn’t really thought much about it. I suppose it could be to help emphasize how Malia is way behind them all with schoolwork and since she hasn’t really had any classes since she was a girl, a few spelling mistakes is to be expected. Right?

They have made a big point out of showing us how inept Malia is at school, but at other times she’s incredibly well-adjusted. But with all the trouble she seems to have with school it makes me wonder why she’s put in those classes to begin with. We know Lydia and Stiles are smart and are probably in AP classes. Malia should not be there. So who put her there?

Well the person evaluating her at Eichen House was Morell. and Morell is also a guidance counselor at the high school. But why put her there with them? So she can keep close to them? So they will see that she’s struggling and take her under their wings?

I honestly don’t know. I just know that Malia is a contradictory character that is shown to be almost childlike in her knowledge one moment and able to make stiles-level deductions at others. She’s been guiding the pack towards clues ever since she was introduced. It’s easy to think that either she has some hidden agenda or is controlled by someone.

An alternative story floating around there is that Malia is more or less created by Stiles and that is why she kind of dresses like Lydia, has a lot of Stiles’ characteristics such as his deduction skills and the personality of Derek ala season 1. It sounds like crack, but it’s actually quite possible. Check it out here

Anonymous asked: what do you think about Stiles never actually confirming that he's human?

I think it’s incredibly clever on Jeff’s part. I don’t know if he planned it from the start (i wouldn’t be surprised if he did) but it’s so discrete that it flies under most’s radar but when it’s revealed that stiles is something no one can go back and claim plotholes or that “he changed his mind”.

As for Stiles, i don’t think he knew about his abilities until very recently (and he may even just suspect at this point) so him not using the word “human” is probably just a  subconscious thing. Or he just likes to play with words - he does have a flair for the dramatic after all :)

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Re-watching S4 to date, and tracking the big themes.

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I had this crack theory about Malia.

She might be a created by Stiles, she fits what he finds attractive before he lets go of Lydia as his one true love. She’s someone who needs his help, but also helps him, She didn’t seem to exist prior to the Icebath death.

She does things which Stiles does, opens doors and discovers things, as though she were an extension of him. A way of him using power without having to do it himself.

She’s forceful against locks, breaking them, like Stiles power possibly could do and does.

Anyway the crack theory exists now.

That’s a really good theory. Just one thing, Stiles makes a point of saying he hates coyotes in 3b, so why subconsciously choose a werecoyote?

Why subconsciously choose a werecoyote? Because he doesn’t like coyotes so he’ll never fall for her like he did for Lydia. Also, he *likes* the idea of magic and shapeshifters, but if something went wrong? He wouldn’t want that association with werewolves as his best friends is one.

As much as I want to buy that this is crack, I can’t really think of anything to discount it. We know that Stiles snoops through his father’s things. He could easily have seen the Tate file at some point. Her age not matching up right fits with this theory. Her ability to learn, her hovering around Lydia, the way she continues to change? They’re all things in canon that don’t necessarily make sense, but then suddenly they do with that idea.

That’s where I end up to concerning why the werecoyote when he doesn’t like them, and precisely because he doesn’t like them it works. He has never stated that he likes her, even this last episode when she says she likes him, he replies he can work with it.

All of it seems to fit, so long as there is no confirmation about her that is near irrefutable like an actual mother.

Even the idea that she’s Peter’s could be another aspect he wished for, someone like a Hale, and combined with the knowledge that Peter has a child, voila she fits, but Peter didn’t seem to think so.

Gosh, this theory is disturbingly plausible. Stiles has always been the overlooked, but Malia pays close attention to him (almost too close, to the point of imitating him). She often looks/dresses like Lydia and acts like S1 Derek (something the writers used to describe her when she was first introduced). And then of course Nogi!Stiles “threw up” real Stiles after Lydia said Malia’s name. And the fact we haven’t seen or even heard of Mr Tate since Malia’s reunion with him. Hmm, Side-eyeing you hard, Stiles.

Can we list all the times she’s been almost unnaturally helpful? e.g. freeing Stiles from his room in Eichen House after Brunski locked him in, bringing the sword to Scott, helping Derek find Satomi’s pack. Agh, I need answers!

anvh89 poked me because i’ve been keeping tabs on Malia and all of her suspicious helpfulness.

  • 3x20: Knocked Stiles to the floor in Eichen House, made him recognize the basement from his hallucinations
  • 3x20: Tells Stiles how to get the keys – the consequence is Stiles  is drugged by Brunski making it easier for him to be possessed. Breaks him out afterwards - first instance of breaking a lock.
  • 3x20: Leads him to the basement, is the one to finds Rhys’ body, the photo of noshiko and Kira’s sword. Kissy-time/sex is implied. Brings it to Scott afterwards.
  • 4x01 – finds the bone knife that caused the jeep to break down. Notices the berserkers, goes after them.
  • 4x03 – the one who makes sure Stiles finds Lydia’s code for the dead pool
  • 4x05 – distracts Lydia from finding the second cipher key herself. Urges her to talk to another banshee – Meredith. Also the one to figure out what Meredith’s cryptic answer was.
  • 4x06 – The one who reminds Derek to think like Stiles so that he finds Satomi’s pack
  • 4x10 – the one who recognize the sound of the record player, hears other things spinning behind the wall, figures out they need a key to stop it.

If i’ve forgotten any please add to the list

Ok I’m having to rewrite this but hopefully I’ll be able to make the same points I did before Firefox crashed..

I love this theory, I really really do, and I think if it’s true there will be one and ONLY one chance to reveal it in the narrative and have it REALLY tie in to the themes of the season- and that season is next season, Scott’s dark arc, because if we get Scott’s dark arc next season, we’re going to have Stiles’ HERO arc, we’re going to get the parallel to 3B, and here’s how this relates to Malia

Stiles’s Spark

  • If Stiles is a Spark, or has any BORN supernatural affiliation, it will HAVE to be revealed in season five, it will HAVE to be when he’s achingly desperate to save his brother, I fully believe Stiles is SOMETHING, and unless that something isn’t triggered until he’s bitten the way it was with Lydia, we’ll have to see it in season five- Stiles, and the audience, cannot know Malia was created by Stiles until Stiles’ spark is confirmed

Stiles as Batman

  • For some reason lately, the Batman metaphor has been in my head alot, especially Erica’s “You’re Batman to me”, now I personally see Stiles as Beastboy from the 2004 Teen Titans series but I’ll touch on that later, Stiles is ALWAYS Robin, this is true, the only time he wasn’t was when he had his dark arc, so what happened when Batman lost his mojo (the first time)? Robin picked up the cowl and put it on himself, he was Batman for a time and when Batman got better and reclaimed his position Robin wasn’t Robin anymore, he became Nightwing, he became a hero in his own right, who will ALWAYS be at Batman’s side when needed, but no longer has to hide in Batman’s shadow, I don’t think Batman was just a wink at Stiles being the adorable nerd that he is, I think it was a huge nod- if not a freaking LAY OUT- to how Scott’s dark arc will be, because I DO believe that Scott will pass his dark arc the way Stiles did, damaged and learning some unpleasent truths about himself, but better, in the end, and ABLE to reclaim- claim at first- his hero status, now where does this leave Malia? Good question, Batman isn’t notorious for having a love interest the way many superheros are, he doesn’t have a Lois Lane, a Gwen Stacey (or Mary Jane Watson) a Jean Grey, he doesn’t have a love interest like Robin does, I think this is telling, if Batman’s first lost arc is supposed to be hinting to Scott’s dark arc, Stiles won’t have time or the emotional energy for love, like he did when he was Robin, Dick Greyson (the Robin I’m using) had a couple of love interests, a first love that didn’t quite work out, Starfire (Lydia) despite still loving her platonically, there’s also Barbara Gordon who I admittedly know less about but who, depending on what version you read, could be Malia- the relationship that had to be paused due to life threatening buisness- or Derek- the true love that will eventually work out, either way, these are Robin/Nightwing’s relationships, not Batman, I don’t believe Stiles’ Batman can have a really strong relationship with anyone romantically

Stiles’ Relationships

  • Leading into my next point, we’ve talked about Stiles and needing to open the door to his spark and that being a nod to opening the door to his bisexuality as well, I believe this to be true but I believe that he’s going to have to settle some truths about his relationships in order for him to become anything other than exactly what he is right now- Robin, first he’s going to have Scott, wile 3B ultimately cemented to Scott how much he loved and needed Stiles, I believe the opposite is going to happen in season five- ofcourse, Stiles will ALWAYS love Scott with every ounce of his heart and soul, and will ALWAYS be beside him- but that’s just the problem, that’s the CHANGE, he’s going to be BESIDE Scott after season five, no longer BEHIND, so far he has always been behind Scott, he’s put his own problems aside to help Scott, his dedication to Scott is really quite breath-taking and we don’t really see that being reciprocated, when Scott has Allison (and less so with Kira but still some with her) she is his priority and Stiles is second, with Stiles- and this may just be with Malia since we haven’t seen him with anyone else yet- with Malia Scott is STILL first, and that’s a little sad to think about, and that has to change, he has to come to terms with just how much he has a co-dependant relationship with Scott, and I think that ultimately we’ll have Scott endangering/hurting the sheriff (intentionally or unintentionally) in season five and Stiles will have to chose to stay with his dad or follow Scott, he’ll chose his dad and that will be his moment where it clicks, and I think when season five is over they’ll still be adorable brothers who probbably eat their parents out of house and home on weekends and gossip about girls and debate if they’re too old to water-balloon Greenberg (or you know whoever) but I think at the end of the day Stiles will not walk behind Scott anymore, he HAS to walk beside him, beside him so that, when something comes up where a hero is needed in two places Scott can go one way, Stiles can go the other, and they’ll meet up later, he’ll also have to come to terms with his other main three relationships in the pack: Lydia, he needs to somehow clearly confirm that no longer has a romantic flame for her (and as a secondairy Stydia shipper this makes me sad) no matter if it’s saying he’s happy that she’s found another relationship or mentioning when he’s having his bisexual awakening that he feels towards guys the way he “used to” feel towards Lydia, I really don’t think it matters how, just a subtle nod to the fact that he’s closing that door, because as of 3B, that door was still open, his being Derek’s anchor will also have to be reconciled within himself, he will have to be the one to step out of the denial they share that their relationship is “You’re a Sourwolf and I’m a spazz”, and he’s going to have to admit it to himself and maybe even, in a non-verbal way, to Derek, finally Malia, he has to do inventory on his relationships, he’ll have to admit to himself that his relationship with Malia isn’t what he wants- no matter if he’s unhappy, if he’s not romantically interested, if he feels harmed with her at all, or… if she isn’t really her own person, once his spark is revealed I think it’ll immediately effect Malia no matter what or who she is, and if she was created by Stiles this will be made clear very quickly

Pack Mom Stiles

  • Ok so most people who read fanfiction know by now that Pack!Mom!Stiles has become adorable, and although in the beginning of Teen Wolf it started as a crack idea for Sterek shippers because as the Alpha’s mate he has to be the mom (or so I understand it, I actually didn’t get into Sterek until last year) but as of here and now in season four we have some REAL proof of this, “Kids these days” for example is a cuter nod to it, but we have some very telling evidence that Stiles is very, very much the “must be a parent” trope, but he has actually developed it very nicely so it isn’t annoying or cheesy, but it’s legitimately part of who he is, now how does this relate to anything else in this post? In season five this trope will bloom, Stiles, as I mentioned before, will HAVE to lead the pack, and if his recent behaviour shows us anything he’s very protective of the wolflings, and we’ll see that more as he takes a larger role in leadership I believe, this also relates to Malia… because if I’m right about this, Derek is going to be by his side, and Malia will be forced to walk behind him, why is this? Because Stiles is emotionally/mentally the only person who can de-Peter Scott, and Derek is the only one who can physically take on an Alpha right now, Kira is strong but her kitsune power is still so immature, same with Liam, if Allison were still around, I’d put money on her and Stiles being the dream team, but sadly, she isn’t, Derek is physically the closest to Scott’s strength, we’ll have to have the Derek/Stiles dynamic this season that we did a long time ago come back- brains!Stiles, brawns!Derek (to put it very simply) we’ll have Stiles cover the emotional side of things and unlocking his spark, but as long as his spark is new, he’ll have to depend on someone- on Derek, the previous alpha, previous mentor (attempted), previous BH protector and the born werewolf- as Derek and Stiles’ relationship will grow in season five with the two of them taking the lead to fix/help Scott, he’ll again have something that will drag him away from Malia, and I think that the distance in their relationship is going to either help along Malia’s true self to emerge, or it’s going to emerge when Stiles’ spark does (as previously mentioned) and the distance will only make her storyline for the season that much harder

Beacon Hills guardians, where will Malia go?

  • This is more a question than a theory, but I truly believe that if we have three guardians it’ll be Lydia, Stiles, and Derek, if we have five it’ll be Lydia, Stiles, Derek, Kira (I explained this one in a previous post) and Scott (or another hunter, if another good hunter is introduced into this generation) I do wonder what impact this would have on Malia, both in a personal stance and in the way of her possibly having been brought to life by Stiles

So incidentally this turned out to be more about Stiles and Scott in season five than Malia but I did want to make those points about possibly Malia being conjured by Stiles, wouldn’t it be interesting if it’s less “subconcious spark power” and was something more intentional? Maybe in conjuncture with the nemeton?

Lastly I want to quickly cover my theory on Stiles/Beastboy but since that’s 300 kinds of irrelevant I’ll put it under a read more

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By significant and strange do you mean hopeful and optimistic?

dereksdylan asked: Hey, its me again! dont hate me. I just had a realisation today and wanted to ask your opinion on it. Peter was in the hospital for 6 years after the fire. Melissa McCall was the nurse there and obviously Scott and Stiles would have been frequenting the hospital on a regular basis. Do you think Peter would have noticed Scott and overheard Scott and Stiles of their adventures and thus would have chosen Scott as his beta. I just feel Peter knew Scott and Stiles' potentials before the bite. Thanks!

Hey you again, and i certainly don’t hate you :)

i thought about it and i can’t think of anything in canon that contradicts this, so it’s as valid a theory as any other at this point. But we’ve had no real hints that this is something that has happened, and i’m fairly sure Melissa primarily works as an ER nurse and not at the long term ward. But like i said, perfectly possible until proven otherwise :)

Anonymous asked: in the behind the scenes pictures chris and kate are doing to scenes together with the berserkers and at least parrish is there with them. so even if chris is not in mexico he is with kate and berserkers somewhere else at some point. but their scenes could as well happen in beacon hills and not in mexico since transporting parrish there would seem quite random...

I must admit i’ve lost count of the behind the scenes photos and stuff so i’m just gonna take your word for it :) But like you say we have two episodes left and characters might travel back and forth for all i know. I am sure we will get another Argent showdown before this season is over so that makes sense. But whether that is in mexico or BH remains to be seen. I somehow fail to see why Parrish would go to Mexico tbh, so there we are in agreement

And just because behind the scenes photos show actors together doesn’t mean they have to be in the same scene. Most scenes are done on set and not on location, which means they will be milling around killing time and probably taking a shitload of photos of which we only see one per thousand at best.